Frequently asked questions

A wooden boat requires no more maintenance or care than any other boat. Every passionate takes the time to keep it clean and tidy and maybe even has it polished from time to time. The only caution is that if it is cracked for any reason, it is better not to wait until the paintwork has deteriorated too much before you intervene and have it fixed.

Wood itself has no problem staying in the water, because it is painted with special resins or has an antifouling treatment. In addition, a wooden boat stays in the water much better than if it is placed on top of a cart. It is advisable to cover it with a special cloth or keep it under cover.

Kept well and with normal dedication, a wooden boat lasts forever. Compared to a fibreglass boat, this one has a shorter lifespan due to the mechanical strength of the fibreglass itself. If a wooden boat is damaged by a bricola (wooden pole in the Lagoon), for example, it can always be repaired by replacing the damaged or worn parts and thus giving it a new lease of life.

The specific weight of wood is lower than the specific weight of GRP. It is true that a large amount is used to build a wooden boat compared to GRP, and this makes people think they are very heavy.  In reality, the wooden boat floats due to stability of shape and also weight, since wood weighs less than water, unlike GRP, which only floats due to the shape of the hull.

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