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A boat from FAP boatyard is not a simple wooden boat, but the result given by a combination of many variables such as passion, experience, and attention to detail. We carefully choose the mahogany and teak wood planks from which we will build each boat, and then we begin to fold and shape them, starting with the rigging and the boat’s frames and then moving on to the sides. Each piece has its own purpose and involves careful work on joints, optimisation of materials and spaces.

Our production boasts models of boats typical of the Venetian lagoon such as bonnets, lancins, fishing boats, cabin cruisers, open boats but also tenders for large boats and all with provision for outboard motors.

For convenience, we have categorised them according to the hull’s size: under 4 metres in length, 5 to 6 metres in length and over 6 metres in length.

With regard to the internal subdivision of spaces, the possibilities are endless and these are decided and arranged according to the needs of the customer and the use of the boat itself.

On the sides, each boat has storage pockets, while in the bow and stern there are large lockers for storing nautical equipment and what is needed for outings in the lagoon. Also in the bilge area there is the possibility of storing items such as life jackets, wings, ropes and more.

The cushions are made of water-repellent leather-like and are usually placed on the stern bench and on the bow benches to make the trip and stay on the boat comfortable and convenient. Cushions can also be customised in various colours.

The motor is outboard bar-driven or steering wheel-mounted on a wooden half-deck.

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FAP23 timeless emotion

Fap23 is the result of the meeting between the Fap team and Gianni Dalla Pietà during the Boat Show in Venice. Luca, Alex and Igor’s desire was to create a wooden boat that is important in its measurements and majestic in its shapes with an eye…


An elegant boat, with great attention to detail, quiet with a hull designed for slow sailing and generate few waves. The design is by Roberto Roscioni with a vertical bow and double hull plank-ing. The wetted surface is very large and makes sailing stable and pleasant.…

FAP 21S Sport

The sportiest of our wooden boats. Spacious with a long bow and a large locker below. At both bow and stern there is a spacious sundeck. At the stern, the bench seat can be slid to suit to be used as a simple seat or extended,…

FAP 20

A boat with a sporty, racy hull that supports big power, guar-anteeing running stability and a comfortable ride. The deck is long with a large sundeck, while in the stern there are benches, a small table and a large beach. The seats are ergo-nomic and the…


A boat with a fibreglass hull, teak wood deck, mahogany cabin and exposed wood interior. Wide and stable, its height is modest because it was designed to pass comfortably under the bridges in Venice and tin he islands of the Lagoon. The cabin can accom-modate six…

FAP 555

This boat is designed for families, for those who like to be with friends and go out and experience the boat a bit more. It has the practicality of a FAP Teak, but has a soft hull and high sides. It holds waves well, is comfortable,…

FAP Teak

The most classic of traditional Venetian boats is the bonnet used by most for trips in the lagoon. With this model we wanted to pay homage to it by taking its main characteristics, but making it out of wood. It has a larger hull and has…

Dingo 2

A flat-bottomed, yet planing tender even with low engine power. It can sail on shallow waters and is not afraid of waves because it has high sides. It is steered by a steering wheel and the seat is made in the style of a jet ski…

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