Restoration and Maintenance

Restoration and Maintenance

New life to
your Boat

We take care of restoring large and small wooden boats and other vessels to their original splendour. Restoration work on a boat requires a great deal of attention and knowledge of the materials to be treated. Our approach is to make an initial on-site assessment and see if it is a matter of replacing worn or damaged wooden parts and then carefully dismantle it piece by piece or if it is necessary to make wooden fittings from scratch or if it is necessary to proceed with painting after having well polished the parts on which the work will be done. Surprises do not frighten us because we can already imagine the excellent result.

Some examples of our interventions:

-Deck renovation and replacement of hawsers
-Lustrophin coating
-Application of antifouling
-Restoration and painting of solid mahogany deck, hawsers and bulwarks
-Installation of new electrical system with push-button panel and stereo system
-Engine installation
-Repairing floorboards and benches, bow and stern lockers

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